Our Story...

Our mission. Our team. Our founder.
QuaranGreen is a student-led Massachusetts-based organization that promotes healthy eating habits and works to reduce anxiety during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In flattening the curve of physical interaction with quarantine, we have ensued a spike in poor eating habits, loss of community, and artificial isolation. Cooped up inside homes laden with non-perishable soups and premade meals, it is easy to lose sight of a healthy diet when making meals at home. Furthermore, it can be difficult to access fresh produce when stores are limited on supplies and citizens are limited in their travel.

QuaranGreen works to curve all of these aspects of an unhealthy lifestyle with a simple and easy first step: growing a lettuce plant. Our goal is to distribute potted lettuce plants to households throughout our community inorder to provide a first step in creating a personal produce source, build friendly community bonding, and reduce stress.
Matt Tengtrakool
Founder and CEO of QuaranGreen Inc.
QuaranGreen was founded by Matt on March 10th with the purpose of educating local communities about environmental methods of maintaining physical and mental health during the COVID-19 crises.

His inspiration arose from his environmental roots as an Eagle Scout and passionate agriculturalist. He is an avid social entrepreneur leading multiple successful community-driven startup organizations working to serve and address the vulnerable populations of local communities.

Matt's message is to convert activism into action and hopes to inspire other young people to take charge of the changes they wish to see.